Sunday, July 11, 2010

My life for the past dos days ♥

okay so i have like 3 views! lol im happy over 3 im such a dork! Anyways for the past like two days i have done the same thing, wake up around 10-1 clean the house, spend an hour on polyvore then hang with my friend alisa and at like 8ish hang with rudy or just go home and get back on polyvore. BORING DAY!!! tell me about it. YEa vut down to more serious stuff. My mom is like really sick she has all these chronic illnesses and its really hard being her daughter. Its just us two at the house, my bro is at college, and dad has always been out of the picture (thats another story). *RANDOM THOUGHT you got designer shades just to hide your face!* yea so like everyday i have to give her pills, fix her food and clean the house by myself =[ and im grateful because she gives me like a big allowance but still its hard. So lately i have been crying like alot... just to let my feelings out so i dont snap at her for something she cant control. plus she lets me drive the golf cart everywhere even though im only 14 and you need a license to drive one. umm i should stop typing cuz its like 10 and i have to get up early for work

songs listened while writing
bulletproof, cooler than me, and ridin solo



  1. aww :( but see you at work tomorrow!!! o_o ps. at least it gets you away from our mom ;) pss. wait! was that mean? sorry :( ~Alisa :)

  2. i wrote OUR mom on accident...i bet you didnt even notice that until i wrote this comment!! haha :D but i meant to say "your mom".

  3. aww :( I'm so sorry. For the first week I got my apartment (I'm 18) I tried cleaning it on my own. I couldn't I had to hire help. Be strong and brave :)